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Oh Yeah It's...The Wonder Stuff DVD

Image of Oh Yeah It's...The Wonder Stuff DVD

Oh Yeah It's...The Wonder Stuff DVD

In a similar vein to 1992's critically acclaimed 'Welcome To The Cheap Seats' rockumentary 'Oh Yeah... it's The Wonder Stuff' documents eighteen months of the band's activities throughout 2012 and 2013. Director George Taylor takes a fresh look at where the band find themselves in present times, presenting interviews, live footage, acoustic sessions and the full selection of promotional videos connected to the recent 'Oh No... it's The Wonder Stuff' and 'From The Midlands With Love' albums. Featured songs include 'Oh No!' (starring Greg Davies), 'Friendly Company', 'Steady As You Go', 'Be Thy Name', 'Far, Far Away', 'Planet Earth', 'One In Ten', 'Welcome To The Cheap Seats' and 'The Size Of A Cow' among many, many more.'


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