Oh No It's...The Wonder Stuff - DOUBLE DISC ALBUM

Oh No It's...The Wonder Stuff - DOUBLE DISC ALBUM

‘Oh No It’s...The Wonder Stuff’ is the band’s 7th studio album and comes with the highly anticipated 'From The Midlands With Love' disc, a series of covers of other Midlands bands performed by The Wonder Stuff. Tracklisting below (Please note this album is not available from here to Australia & New Zealand, orders to these territories need to be taken at http://www.thegroovemerchants.com/product/80801 )
Disc 1 Tracklisting
Clear Through The Years
Oh No!
Friendly Company
Steady As You Go
From The Midlands With Love
Right Side Of The Turf
Hard Truths (Stay A While)
Be Thy Name
Yer Man's Alright
Arms Wide Open
Inner Voices
Disc 2 Tracklisting
Far Far Away
Planet Earth
In A Room
Sweet, Sweet Pie
Blackberry Way
Get Up!
There, There, My Dear
One In Ten
Save It For Later