Miles Hunt – 'Hairy On the Inside' CD includes 17 Track Bonus CD

Miles Hunt – 'Hairy On the Inside' CD includes 17 Track Bonus CD

Hunt’s first solo album originally only released in America. This beautifully presented limited edition book style case package features an extra disc of 17 songs recorded during the same period as 'Hairy On The Inside'. With guest appearances from Martin Bell, Malc Treece and Carina Round.
Hairy On The Inside
1. Manna From Heaven
2. Everything Is Not Okay
3. Immortalising Chase
4. Getting Over You
5. Let’s Hope I Get It Right This Time
6. The Slow Drowning
7. Four To The Floor
8. Someone Like The Kingbird
9. Amongst The Old Reliables
10. Not In My Plans
11. Send Me Onions
Hairy On the Inside Bonus Disc
1. Haunted Country (Knoll Hill Sessions)
2. How Long Was I Asleep? (Knoll Hill Sessions)
3. Crutch (Knoll Hill Sessions)
4. Common Goals (Knoll Hill Sessions)
5. Your Latest Innuendo (Knoll Hill Session)
6. Give It Whole (Knoll Hill Sessions)
7. It’s A Wonder (with Martin Bell)
8. This Bitter Life (with Martin Bell)
9. So Tired (Workshop Demo)
10. Unlucky (Workshop Demo)
11. Untitled Instrumental (Workshop Demo)
12. The Slow Drowning (4 Portastudio Demo)
13. Someone Like The Kingbird (4 Track Portastudio Demo)
14. Everything Is Not Okay (4 Track Portastudio Demo)
15. Not In My Plans (4 Track Portastudio Demo)
16. Four To the Floor (4 Track Portastudio Demo)
17. Four To the Floor (with Carina Round)